Cardiff rated most sociable city

Cardiff has emerged as the best place in Britain for a great night out, according to statistics released today. Our fair city eclipsed London and beat off a handful of other rivals to grab the title of Britain’s most sociable city.

Cardiff if the sociable capital of the UK (Flickr pic by shining.darkness)

Cardiff if the sociable capital of the UK (Flickr pic by shining.darkness)

CitySocialising, a socialising network for meeting new people, looked at the social habits of 160,000 UK members throughout 2011.

Cardiff emerged a clear leader in the race to find Britain’s most sociable city, closely followed by Leeds and Newcaastle, with London coming in 6th place.

Apparently, Cardiffians attend 28% more events than the UK average, with those in Leeds coming a close second with 27%.

Glaswegians, famed for liking a drink or two, surprisingly attend 58% fewer social days and nights than the UK average. Nottingham, at 52% below, and Birmingham at 47% below, were among the least sociable of the English cities.

Sanchita Saha, the site’s chief executive and founder, said: “I don’t find the results of our poll too surprising as Cardiff is definitely one of our up-and-coming cities when it comes to being sociable. Through CitySocialising alone we’re hosting around 40 events a month for our members to keep up with demand there. These range from after-work drinks to Sunday lunches and Saturday nights out.”

Below is a full list of the UK’s most, and least, sociable cities:

1. Cardiff 28%

2. Leeds 27%

3. Newcastle 15%

4. Liverpool 13%

5. Bristol 7%

6. London 6%

7. Brighton 5%

8. Manchester 1%

9. Edinburgh -2%

10. Birmingham -47%

11. Nottingham -52%

12. Glasgow -58%


2 Comments on “Cardiff rated most sociable city”

  1. Beth says:

    Us Cardiff lot know how to have fun! Interesting blog post 🙂

  2. Good to see Bristol features quite high on the list too. Surprising, but nice 😛

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