Quality cocktails at the Park House club

Quality cocktails cost. Quality cocktails cost quite a bit more when they are served in a private members club. But after your first sip in the Vanilla Rooms you’ll be glad you paid that little extra.

(Flickr pic by kenn Wilson)

Vanilla Rooms is part of the Park House private members club on Park Place and the non-members bar is the premier cocktail venue in Cardiff.

Boasting 370 bottles along the back shelf, head mixologist Christos Kyriakidis has 90 scotch whiskeys, 70 bourbons, 65 rums, 50 vodkas, 47 gins and 25 tequilas to work with when creating one of the menu’s high quality creations.

Lovers of low drink miles will find perfection in The Penderyn Club – Penderyn Madeira Welsh single malt whisky stirred with Taylor’s 20-year-old Port, vanilla syrup and Rhubarb bitters. Served short over an ice ball and garnished with an orange zest it’s a classic cocktail Wales should be proud of.

The Welsh single malt, finished in madeira casks to give it a warm caramel finish, cuts through the port and sweet vanilla syrup to deliver a boozy kick which lets you know you’re getting bang for your buck.

For the more traditional drinker The Martinez is a certified classic. The forerunner of the modern Dry Martini, it was originally made with a sweet style gin and sweet vermouth along with bitters and garnished with an orange twist.

The choice of gin is yours at Vanilla Rooms. Plymouth, Hayman’s Old Tom or Old Schiedam – all served with their complementing vermouth – are then mixed with maraschino and Boker’s bitters. This is as straight as they come, and it serves to sip rather than slurp if you want to remember just how good it tastes at the end of the night. With more than 63 cocktails on the menu, these two should help raise your spirits.

There are cheaper places to get a cocktail, but any drinker worth their salt knows a Long Island Iced Tea served with ice cubes and a straw in Browns is not how a cocktail should be drunk. For those searching cocktail nirvana, head down the steps into Vanilla Rooms and drink in the real deal.


One Comment on “Quality cocktails at the Park House club”

  1. Rob says:

    Having had the honour of drinking in many fine cocktail bars around the world, I can wholeheartedly agree with the author. This is a fine cocktail venue, definately worth a visit.

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