Durham nightclub says ‘bring your own booze’

BBC News website

The BBC has reported on a Durham nightclub which has made the landmark decision to allow people to bring in their own alcohol – a measure designed to remain financially viable in the world of increasingly cheap alcohol in supermarkets. Durham Live has been trialling a £6 entry fee on Mondays and Fridays and allowing patrons to bring their own booze, in the hope that they will also pay for drinks once in the club.

This surely cannot be the way forward for struggling drinks venues to survive in the high street.

They cannot compete with supermarkets in a price war for budget booze, the sums just don’t add up in favour for the drinks venues. But they can provide what supermarkets can’t – atmosphere, a place to meet and talk, to enjoy food, see live music. Pubs, clubs and bars need to be places where people want to be with friends and offer something more than a customer can create in their own living room with a crate of cheap beer and a music playlist.

Those venues that can’t beat a living room perhaps shouldn’t survive. It comes down to a simple question of why you go out for drinks – is it to go to a place that will serve you the cheapest booze, no matter how bland, boring or lacking in character, or are you going out for an experience beyond that which you can create at home?

What is your favourite venue in Cardiff and why does it beat sitting at home with cheap supermarket booze?

Mine’s a pint.