Drinks Delivery Services in Cardiff

You’ve planned everything. The punch bowl is full. The beer fridge is groaning. The music playlist is set. A million people have replied to your Facebook invite saying they’re coming (80 will actually show). That guy is going to show up who always gets naked. This will be a great house party.

Cardiff delivery companies have been keeping parties refreshed since 1670 (maybe)

Cardiff delivery companies have been keeping parties refreshed since 1670 (maybe)

That is until the house begins to run dry. Everyone is drinking like fish, and the punch has gone through its fifth incarnation – the one with cranberry juice, white wine and gin was daring but not great. What do you do?

This is normally where you, the host, have to make a sprint to the local off licence and get supplies. This can take a lot longer than you think. By the time you get back, that bloke who always gets naked has got naked, and the party, without anything left to drink except the Fairy Liquid, has wound down and gone to a bar.

If your house party is heading for a drought, there are people you can call (or interweb). No, not the Ghostbusters, the drinks delivery companies of Cardiff – beerrunner.com, boozersdelivery.com, theafterpartydelivery.co.uk and partyoncardiff.com

After a quick phone call, or a few clicks of a mouse, they can be at your door within 20 minutes.

They all have a pretty good selection of spirits, as well as your standard lager and ciders. I’m afraid there is nothing for the ale enthusiast, but really, who drinks ale at a house party? They all have a good selection, but their prices do vary.

After conducting a fairly thorough price comparison, BoozersDelivery is consistently the lowest priced of the four Cardiff drinks delivery companies. But all have had good reviews on internet sites. patrice21 on qype.co.uk gave PartyOnCardiff  five stars, saying, “Great service. Friendly on the phone. Arrived very quickly with everything I wanted! Alcohol is surprisingly cheap.”

Dean, on google reviews, had only good words and five stars for the service he got from BoozersDelivery. “Fast & efficient. My delivery at 2am last night was here 25 minutes after I placed the order. Very happy with the service. I’ll be calling these guys again!”

So if you’re ever nearing a house party drought, you know who to call. Mine’s a pint.