An alcoholic ginger beer that finally tastes like ginger beer!

Stone’s Ginger Joe puts the ‘beer’ into ginger beer. It is an alcoholic ginger beer that tastes like the real thing. If this had been around earlier then The Famous Five would have had lashings of the stuff and probably some more exciting adventures – Five Go Happy Slapping perhaps?

Stone's Ginger Joe

The tache tastic Ginger Joe (photo by Nathan Chantrell on Flickr)

The Ginger Joe name is inspired by ‘Ginger’ Joseph Stone, rusty moustachioed London greengrocer and founder of the Stone’s drinks company back in 1740. It should come as no surprise that Stone’s have managed to make ginger beer alcoholic whilst retaining the full flavour of the original drink. They are alcoholic ginger experts who have been producing their world-famous ginger wine for over 250 years. The new drink contains pure ground ginger and Stone’s Ginger Wine, and the combination is beautiful.

By coming out with Ginger Joe, Stone’s have stepped into the ring with Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer. It was Crabbie’s that kicked off the recent craze for boozy ginger beer back in 2009. The UK alcoholic ginger category is currently worth £21.8 million and the market is getting increasingly crowded.

But the great advantage Stone’s has over its competitor is that it actually tastes like ginger beer. Where Crabbie’s lost the full fiery flavour of the root based beverage in the brewing process, Stone’s has kept it and hidden the booziness. For the ginger beer enthusiast wanting a hangover in the morning (why have they made ginger beer alcoholic?) then this is the tipple for you.

But is it just me that wonders why ginger beer has gone alcoholic? Will we see alcoholic lemonade next? Does every drink we enjoy the taste of have to have an alcoholic partner we can sup on when we’re on a night out?

I’m not so sure. What I am sure of is this. You’ll soon be seeing gangs of loitering youths swapping their three litres of white cider for some proper tasting, alcoholic, ginger beer. Mine’s a pint.