Goldfish stolen from Cardiff pub

A pub is appealing for the return of its pet goldfish after a slippery customer carried it away in a pint glass, the South Wales Echo reports today.

Staff at the Vulcan Lounge in Cathays were apparently stunned when a man scooped Mary, the goldfish, into an empty pint glass and walked out of the bar, just before closing time last Friday.

Six month-old Mary lived in an old ice bucket converted into a fish tank on top of the bar. The bar is offering a £50 reward for anyone who can solve the mystery.

The Vulcan Lounge manager Hannah Beetham, 28, said Mary – so-called because her now-deceased partner Jesus, had miraculously risen from the dead – was an integral part of the pub’s charm. “Jesus has now died for real, but our other fish, Kevin and Bubba, are looking very dejected now Mary has gone,”Hannah told the Echo.

“At first Kevin and Bubba were really quite demoralised and now they are still swimming around without much purpose.”

Staff at the student-friendly pub were expecting to receive a ransom note, but have yet to hear from the culprit.

Hannah described Mary as large, dark orange, and with a white underbelly. Drinkers of Cardiff, keep your eyes peeled.

Lets hope Mary is returned soon. Mine’s a pint (of swift justice).


Ernest Hemingway quote

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” – Ernest Hemingway